Sam Steps up as the first kiss is given

Sam Steps up as the first kiss is given

Last night’s Bachelorette was by no means as explosive as last week, but still packed a few surprises.

Sam’s single date learning the tango with NSW project manager Sasha lead to Sam Frost’s first kiss on The Bachelorette Australia

Despite Sasha labelling himself as a horrific dancer, sparks flew between the pair as they rehearsed the Argentine tango. In an intimate chat after rehearsals, Sam revealed she chose Sasha for this single date in an effort to get past her nerves when she is around him.

Later at the cocktail party, Sam took Sasha to the privacy of the mansion’s garden for more alone time. There, Sasha revealed that he felt their date finished too soon before he boldly stole a kiss away from the prying eyes of the other Bachelors.

On tonight’s group date, Sam asked eight Bachelors to strip down for charity in a shirtless photo shoot. With the aim of raising awareness for animal rescue charity, Save Our Strays, the buff Bachelors posed with rescue animals – with varying degrees of success.

Michael’s fun approach to the photo shoot won him alone time with Sam at the end of the day, when he revealed he was starting to develop feelings for her. Sam reciprocated, telling Michael she was keen to learn more about him.

After not being invited on either date this evening, sleep technician Drew only had the cocktail party to reconnect with Sam. Despite wearing his heart on his sleeve, the attraction was only one-sided and Sam sent Drew home without a rose.

On his departure Drew said: “The true, really fun part of me never got to express myself. In the short period of time she wanted to get to know me, she got to know the hard stuff, she never really got to know the fun stuff.”