Ten’s first week of Summer

Ten seems to be business as usual as summer approaches 

Fans will be treated to new episodes of The Biggest Loser and most of it’s US content continues with fresh episodes presumably until Big Bash Season.

Sunday, November 29
6:30 pm Modern Family (rpt)
7:30 pm TBL Families
8:30pm Limitless
9:30 pm NCIS (rpt)

Monday, November 30
7:30 pm TBL Families
8:30 pm CSI Cyber (rpt)
9:30pm Homeland
10:30 pm NCIS: New Orleans (rpt)

Tuesday, December 1
7:30 pm TBL Families
8:30 pm NCIS (rpt)
9:30 pm NCIS: LA (rpt)
10:30 pm NCIS: LA (rpt)

Wednesday, December 2
7:30 pm Modern Family (rpt)
8:30 pm Madam Secretary
9:30 pm The Good Wife
10:30 pm Hawaii Five-0 (rpt)

Thursday, December 3
7:30 pm Jamie’s Super Food
8:30pm Law & Order: SVU (rpt)
9:30pm Law & Order: SVU (rpt)
10:30pm Blue Bloods (rpt)

Friday, December 4
7:30pm The Living Room (rpt)
8:30pm The Graham Norton Show
9:30pm Montreal Comedy Gala (rpt)

Saturday, December 5
6:00pm Modern Family (rpt)
6:30pm Bondi Vet (rpt)
7:30pm David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities (rpt)
8:30pm Movie: Avatar (rpt)

The schedule is based on the Brisbane Market please check local guides