Seven’s first week of Summer

Seven’s summer makes me wonder if we are in Summer non-ratings.

Fans are treated to new episodes of Quantico double Home and Away every night and a few new shows for good measure.’

Sunday Nov 29
6:00pm Seven News
7:00pm Sunday Night
8:00pm The Force (rpt)
9:00pm Quantico
10:00pm Quantico
11:00pm Grey’s Anatomy

Monday Nov 30
6:00pm Seven News
7:00pm Home And Away dbl
8:00pm The Big Bang Theory
9:00pm Movie: Meet The Parents (rpt)
11:15pm How To Get Away With Murder (mid season finale)

Tuesday Dec 1

7:00pm Home And Away dbl
8:00pm Highway Patrol (rpt)
8:30pm Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA
9:30pm What Really Happens in Thailand
10:30pm Chicago Fire

Wednesday Dec 2
7:00pm Home And Away dbl
8:00pm Aussie Barbecue Heroes
9:00pm Blindspot
10:00pm The Blacklist 2015 finale
11:00pm Heroes Reborn 2015 finale

Thursday Dec 3
7:00pm Home And Away dbl
8:00pm Air Rescue
8:30pm The Big Bang Theory
9:30pm The Goldbergs (Season 2 Premiere dbl)
10:30pm The Amazing Race
11:30pm Grimm

Friday Dec 4
7:00pm Better Homes And Gardens Summer
8:30pm Movie: Double Jeopardy (rpt)
10:45pm Movie: Empire State

Saturday Dec 5
7:00pm  Movie: Matilda (rpt)
10:40pm Movie: Kindergarten Cop (rpt)