60 Minutes November 4

This Weekend 60 Minutes has a jam packed show.


One day four years ago something truly awful happened to two-and-a-half-year-old Darcy Atkinson. His mother left him in the care of someone she trusted without question – her then boyfriend, Adam Taylor. But within a few hours her precious Darcy was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. He died the next day. The New South Wales Coroner tried to find out the circumstances of Darcy’s death but was frustrated by Taylor’s evasiveness. The Coroner said he was an unimpressive witness who probably had more of a story to tell. For Darcy’s grief-stricken family who are still desperate for answers, Adam Taylor’s reluctance to provide more information means they may never find out what really happened to their little boy.

Reporter: Ross Coulthart  Producer: Laura Sparkes


When you think of whisky you think of Scotland – clean air, fresh water, fields of barley and smoky peat. For centuries it has been the heartland of whisky distilling. But no more. On the opposite side, and at the bottom end of the world, the Scots have a rival: Tasmania. In 25 years, the whisky business in the Apple Isle has gone from nothing to now producing the best single malt in the world. And as proud Tasmanian Charles Wooley discovered, that’s an achievement worth drinking to.

Reporter: Charles Wooley  Producers: Laura Sparkes, Ali Smith



Next Tuesday as America decides its new President, the people of Phoenix, Arizona will also be voting on whether to give notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio his eighth term in office. Down on the border with Mexico, the 84-year-old lawman is a hero to Donald Trump because of his zero tolerance policy towards illegal Latino immigrants. He arrests and then humiliates them by dressing them in pink underwear and parading them in chain gangs. His behaviour is so outrageous the US District Court is trying to jail him, but the Sheriff remains defiant. Reporter: Liam Bartlett Producer: Howard Sacre

 8:30pm Sunday on Nine