Sunday Night November 4

Sunday Night November 4

This weekend Sunday Night has a few different stories.

Leap of Faith
For nearly three minutes, Luke Aikins had no idea whether he would live or die. One of the world’s best skydivers, Luke was attempting to create history by jumping out of a plane without a parachute, without a wing suit, with nothing at all. His target was a net far, far below. Crazy? Impossible? Well not for this thrill-seeking dad who lived to tell Sunday Night’s PJ Madam how he did it and why.

Torn Apart
It happened in a split second. Two kids swept out to sea in a terrifying rip. For their loving dad, Stephen, there was only one thing on his mind – saving them. But he underestimated the unstoppable force of the rip and soon he was in trouble himself. Stephen’s children made it to shore but he didn’t survive. On Sunday Night, Stephen’s family has bravely decided to share his story in the hope it will help save lives this summer.

It’s My Life
Big hair, big music, big hits. Jon Bon Jovi was up there in the music stratosphere – a rock God. It didn’t hurt that he was blessed with drop-dead good looks. But in many ways it’s been a burden too and he’s often found himself fighting for respect. Now at 54, he’s more mature, more comfortable in his own skin and he’s pursuing new passions far away from the glare of the stadium lights.

8.30pm Sunday on Seven.