Zumbo names his finalists

Zumbo names his finalists

The final two also faced the Zumbo Test with Adriano Zumbo going from one extreme to the other revealing his mini V8 Vanilla, the smallest dessert, the size of a matchbox, to be recreated in the Dessert Factory.

With the Grand Final firmly in their sites, Brogen and Kate raced against the Dessert Factory Clock to deliver their creations

Brogen scored poorly with both desserts and her choice of creating a chocolate cake stand made out of dark compound chocolate – that she explained was not meant to be eaten – for her Orange Chocolate and Espresso Caramel Entremet was criticised by judge Rachel Khoo, “All of the elements of this dessert needed to be edible”, she said.

Brogen was not on her game and her V8 Vanilla was missing some flavours. A combined score of 28 was not enough to keep her in the competition.

The 22-year-old Mum will continue her dessert making passion. “It is hard but I feel so proud of myself because I did not expect to get into the semi-final. I have so many dreams and goals. I want to be able to give people the same joy desserts give me. It doesn’t stop here”, she said.

With a final score of 32, Kate dominated the Dessert Factory with a stunning Donut Tower that impressed Zumbo. “You made them sing. They’re beautiful. I’d probably eat the whole tower,” he said. The flavours of her V8 Vanilla impressed the judges and secured her a place in the Grand Final.

With $100,000 prize money on the line and the chance to have one of their creations in Zumbo’s stores, Kate and Ali are set for a classic cooking showdown in the Zumbo’s Just Dessert Grand Final next Tuesday September 27 at 7.30pm on Seven