Your Honor Review

Your Honor Review

It’s one of the most anticipated dramas of the year, but does Your Honor live up to the hype?

When Your Honor opens, it does so with a bang. Adam (Hunter Doohan) wakes up in bed with his girlfriend (Sofie Black-D’Elia), kisses her goodbye, and heads out with his inhaler and some flowers on the first anniversary of his mother’s death.

On the other side of town, Rocco (Benjamin Hassan Wadsworth) gets on his new motorcycle, an early gift from his parents Jimmy (Michael Stuhlbarg) and Gina Baxter (Hope Davis). Rocco and Hunter’s worlds soon collide when an Escalade pulls up behind him, causing him to drop his inhaler and swerve into the middle of the road, running head-first into Rocco. And it’s an effective hook.

The pressure intensifies when we meet Adam’s dad Michael (Bryan Cranston), a judge who prides himself on morally doing what is right. He is thrown into a conundrum when it’s revealed Rocco is the son of a mobster and it soon becomes a question of how far Michael will go to protect Adam, assuming revenge is right around the corner.

The pilot, penned by Peter Moffat, certainly grips with its premise and questions, but subsequent episodes struggle to explore the cost of these actions in the three episodes offered for this review.

The cast delivers some dynamic performances. Cranston’s performance is a solid one, as expected, but it’s Hunter Doohan who gives an unforgettable performance.

With an interesting premise, Your Honor has the potential to be a drama you won’t forget after the pilot, but where it lands after that is yet to be determined.


3.5 Stars

Your Honor is now available on Stan. with new episodes weekly