Yotam Ottolenghi sets a 5 course pressure test

After failing to impress in the  invention test set by guest chef Yotam Ottolenghi, Eloise, Pete and Ray found themselves in tonight’s pressure test.

The challenge was to recreate the five dishes that make up a Yotam mezze feast. The contestants had 60 minutes to make lamb kofta with pomegranate jam and tahini sauce, coated olives with spicy yoghurt, broad bean spread with roasted garlic, butterbean hummus and red capsicum, and walnut paste and m’samen flatbread.

Pete started swiftly, preparing his m’samen bread. Both he and Ray rushed and their haste left them vulnerable to error. Eloise used a different strategy, plating as she cooked, taking care to prepare and complete as much as she could.

With 40 minutes gone, Pete made his first error, mixing the yoghurt into his green chilli sauce when they were supposed to be plated separately. He was frustrated by the mistake and had to re-do the two elements.

Ray pushed on with the many elements of his dish. With just 30 minutes to go, he decided to start plating, but the contestants in the gantry worried he was forgetting to taste and season as he cooked.

Pete caught up on lost time, but was not thorough enough. He left his koftas resting in the hot pan, risking overcooking them with the residual heat. He also took his eye off the pomegranate jam sitting on the stovetop.

During tasting, the judges said Pete’s lamb koftas and pomegranate were overcooked. Yotam was also disappointed with the presentation.

Ray’s feast looked more refined, with a lovely presentation and beautifully crumbed olives. However, his hummus was flat and under-seasoned and the lamb koftas had large chunks of onion scattered throughout.

Ultimately, Pete’s clumsiness sent him home, ending his journey in the MasterChef Australia kitchen.

Pete is doing work experience at Ezard and Atlas Dining. He dreams of owning his own bed and breakfast.