X Factor final five revealed after shocking double elimination

Last night Australia decided it’s top 5 finalies for The X Factor and let’s be totaly clear no one saw it coming.

Fifteen-year-old Amalia Foy rocked ABBA anthem Mamma Mia to earn her place in The X Factor TOP 5 while Isaiah Firebrace made Pharrell Williams hit Happy his own. Davey Woder had the audience on their feet with his cover of Jimmy Barnes’ Working Class Man to claim his spot while Vlado Saric won over the audience with Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

But is wasn’t meant to be for brother and sister duo, Isla and Finley Brentwood, who were eliminated after securing the lowest number of public votes for their performance of Fleetwood Mac’s You Can go Your Own Way.

The departure of Brentwood sees Judge and ‘Groups’ category mentor Iggy Azalea with no contestants left in the competition leaving Adam Lambert, Mel B and Guy Sebastian and their contestants  in contention for the title.

On exiting the competition, Brentwood said performing live in front of a studio audience each week had been a huge highlight for them and the experience had firmed up their plans for a career in music.

“The X Factor has proven to us that this is really what we want to do, we are on the right path. We’re meant to be here,” said Finley. “Being able to share this journey with my best bud, my sister has been awesome.”

The next artists securing the lowest votes were Chynna Taylor and BEATZ, who were forced to sing for their lives in the ultimate showdown.

Finding themselves in the showdown for the second week in a row, Mel B’s girl group BEATZ came out strong with a cover of Christina Aguilera’s Fighter.

Paying homage to her American roots, Chynna chose Four Non Blondes What’s Up as she fought hard to stay in the competition.

While admitting his heart and vote was with his contestant Chynna, Guy praised BEATZ saying they were his favourite girl group and tonight, vocally, they “killed it.”

Mel B also pledged her alliance to her group, noting Chynna’s performance was “powerful” but her vote was with BEATZ. “These are my girls. I know how hard and how much they’ve grown as this group, so I’ve got to send Chynna home.”

Iggy also chose to send Chynna home saying: “BEATZ bring an energy that the other contestants don’t have and we need that in the competition.”

With two votes in favour of BEATZ and one in favour of Chynna, Adam’s final vote for Chynna sent the competition to Deadlock for the second week in a row.

On returning to the public vote, it was announced Chynna would leave the competition.

A shocked Guy Sebastian said it was “stupid” that Chynna was going home, arguing she was the best singer in the competition and questioned if the judges had done their job properly.

“The X Factor has blown my mind, I had given up music,” said an emotional Chynna. “Coming this far has given me a new inspiration to keep going. I just feel like this is what I am supposed to do.”

THE X FACTOR continues Sunday at 8.00pm and Monday at 7.30pm