Would I Lie To You Season 2 First Promo

Would I Lie To You Season 2 First Promo

 Would I Lie To You? is gearing up for a second season soon on 10

Join host Chrissie Swan as she directs two teams, captained by hilariously cunning comedians, Charlie Pickering and Frank Woodley.

Each team will try to hoodwink each other with tall and twisted tales as each story is meticulously investigated. From the outright outlandish to the ridiculously realistic, it’s up to viewers to separate the truth from the fiction.

Each week, a stellar line-up of celebrity and comedic guests will reveal incredible and incredibly bizarre stories about themselves. Some stories, unbelievably, are true; others prove to be nothing more than a fascinating fantasy. The aim of the game is to fool the opposing team into mistaking fact for fiction and fiction for fact.

Revealing embarrassing, incredible and truly outrageous stories, Would I Lie To You? Australia is a laugh-out-loud favourite on 10


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