Work From Home Reveal Impacted by Weather

It’s 26 hours until the Blockheads have to reveal their work from home spaces and the storm clouds are approaching.

Three weeks in and some of the couples are budgeting better than others, Gian is probably the best at it on The Block.

Our couples prepare for the storm, as they are told a number of times to cover their roofs with tarps provided. Steph and Gian and  Kristy and Brett are well prepared, the other couples not so much.

Leah and Ash don’t take much notice of the rain warnings, their attitude is – everything will be alright.

At 5.20pm on Saturday evening, after Keith calls “Tool’s Down,”  the rain starts and it doesn’t stop.Via the contestants WhatsApp group chat, the drama unfolds all night.

As the rain continues the leaks start appearing. The worst affected are Leah and Ash, it is like a torrent of rain in House No.2.  Leah is beside herself, all the emotions come out.  Eliza and Liberty and Kyle and Leslie also have major leaks.  Funny that, the three houses who didn’t prepare properly have major leaks as the rain continues.

As “Tool’s Down,” is called by Scotty in the morning, Leah and Ash are devastated as a section of their roof collapses from the weight of the water.  It’s a wet weather disaster in House No.3 and Leah is inconsolable.

Despite the weather, judging must continue. Lucky for Leah and Ash, a team of Scotty’s workers fixes their room so it’s presentable. Scotty also tells the contestants he will fix any water damage in coming weeks, so that is not on the contestants.

Judging this week is a bit different, it’s done back to front, House No.5, Eliza and Liberty, will go first.

Eliza and Liberty spent $27,051

Shaynna was amazed Eliza and Liberty managed to finish after all of the rain. Compared to last week, this was a real step up, the judges thought. The main criticism was the judges thought the Slim Aarons styled artwork was not right for the room, and the blue wallpaper looked cheap.  The room had a nice feel to it.

Score 22.5/30

Steph and Gian spent $22,380

Shaynna loved the usage of the beams, she is now starting to see Steph and Gian’s vision when it comes to this.  Marty felt the room had a real sophistication about it.

Darren wasn’t sold on the beams, but after a while he came around. He thought the standard of the build was incredible.

Score 26.5/30

Kristy and Brett spent $29,919

The judges thought Kristy and Brett took the work from home brief too literally. This room reminded them of a corporate office, not a welcoming space in a beautiful suburban family home.  Marty felt this room did not connect to their previous rooms, which they see as a problem for House No.2

Score 24/30

Leah and Ash spent $37,728

The biggest criticism the judges have is that this room wasn’t presented as a bedroom. To them, that means there is no bedroom downstairs in House No.2, meaning they will have to go to market with a three bedroom house.  They think the room also has major functionality issues. Leah and Ash are not happy.

Score 22.5/30

Kyle and Leslie spent $13,917

The judges were really impressed with Kyle and Leslie and how they managed to deliver this room mainly using Blockbucks, saving money.  They praised the consistent style of Kyle and Leslie, which could be a real positive down the track. A good effort.

Score 26/30

By half a point, Steph and Gian take away the win and they are off to the Sorrento Hotel for the night for the Ford Getaway.

Leah is devastated at the negative feedback and is spotted crying in the toilet backstage at Scotty’s HQ


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