Wippa Whips Fitzy In All Star Family Feud.

Wippa Whips Fitzy In All Star Family Feud.

Last night’s All Star Family Feud saw Nova’s 969 radio duo Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald and Michael “Wippa” Wipfli put their friendship to the test.


The Wipfli team, captained by Wippa, included mother Christine, grandmother Norma and sister Louise, hilariously defeated the Fitzgerald team that comprised of Fitzy, mother Claire, dad Mick and sister Holly.


The Wipfli family scored an early win in round one after stealing the opening points from the Fitzgerald team. Wippa ecstatically secured his answer to the question “Name a theme that makes for a great kids birthday party?” to take out the win.


Round two proved difficult for the Wipfli family after they received three strikes in a row to the question “Name a facial feature that stands out on old men?” The baton was handed over to the Fitzgerald family who successfully fought back to take out the win.


After the round two loss, it was a tense hand shake battle between Norma and Mick that set the tone for round three.


The Fitzgerald team were on a winning streak after rounds two, three and four. Heading into round five, the Wipfli’s had a hilariously puzzling start with the question “Apart from walk, what might you do with your legs”.


After trailing all night, the Wipfli team managed to seize rounds five and six taking home the game with a convincing 406 points to 179.


Wippa and his sister Louise stepped up their game for Fast Money and scored an extra $10,000 for their charity My Room – Children’s Cancer Centre, taking their total winnings to $30,000. Team Fitzgerald won $10,000 for their charity Kidsafe SA.


All Star Family Feud. Season finale airs at the Special Time Wednesday, 7.30pm. on Ten



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