Winners and Losers returns to 7 next week

Winners and Losers will resume it’s 3rd season next week after a very annoying hiatus.

The series picks up from episode 14 of season 3 and  picks up where the series left off. Entitled the Wake Up Call it will see  all characters deal with their own struggles.

As Zach lies in a coma, Frances’ need for answers leads to a shock revelation. Jenny’s home from 10 days in the US. Her family are expecting her to crumble in the wake of the wedding cancellation, but Jenny maintains she’s fine. She’s had an epiphany while she was away and is turning a corner in her life. Bec is asked out on a date by hot biker, Jason. Sophie continues to hide her assault from her friends, but Flynn pushes her to confide in them. Meanwhile, Sam is confronted by her feelings for Flynn.

There is also a replay of the last two episodes from 2013 at 12 PM if you need to refresh your memory.

8:30 PM Tuesday January 28th on 7