Winners and Losers Return

Fans of Winners and Losers who have been waiting super patiently will not be disappointed when the show returns next week.

The series returns with episode 14 of season 4 The Great Unknown which picks up from where we left off last September. 13 episodes are expected to be screened in 2015 which will complete the 26 episode season 4.

Each of the girls face a defining time in their lives as they prepare to leap into the great unknown… Instead of joining Sophie for their first real date, Luke is rushed into Emergency fighting for his life. A long and nervous wait for news begins. In the wake of his mother’s death, Cory moves into the Gross house. Sam worries he’ll blame her but soon learns that Cory is angry and resentful towards his mum.

Winners and Losers returns 9:20 pm  Tuesday July 14 on Seven