Wine Time on Love Island Australia

The villa is reeling after two of the OG Islanders left, Conor and Holly. Jessica is relieved though, as Conor will no longer be looking over her relationship with Al.

There is love in the air with some very strong couples, including Claudia and Austen who think they will get to the boyfriend and girlfriend stage.

Maddy and Tak are getting to know each other.

Jordan and Stella go on a date to a winery where they make Merlot wine, which their fellow Islanders struggle to pronounce.  They have an amazing date, Stella comes back to the villa saying it was the best date she has ever had.

While they are away, Callum admits to Al he wants to test himself more and doesn’t want to get too comfortable with Layla.

Tak gets a text and our Islanders have a fun sports day courtesy of CashRewards Cashback. The winners are Maddy & Tak.

Austen then gets a text, one couple can go to the hideaway for a price of $1500. The Islanders straight away recommend himself and Claudia and pull their CashRewards together for them.

Tak takes Maddy on a romantic date upstairs in the villa and she admits it was something that never normally happens to her.

In the hideaway Austen and Claudia end the night in a passionate embrace under the covers.


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