Windcatcher Review

Windcatcher Review

Today, Stan releases their new original family film, Windcatcher, just in time for Easter.

Windcatcher tells the story of Percy Boy (Lennox Monaghan) who likes to run so much he’s getting gup early to help on a nearby farm to fund a new pair of ‘Terminal Velocity’ sneakers – “it’s the grip that lets you rip”. With a big race at his school, with a $50 voucher as the prize, he’s got his sights set on winning to get his dream shoes. But, of course, things don’t go to plan.

Thanks to his worn-out sneakers, Percy loses the race to school bully Ben (Fox Curry). Teaming up with new arrival, the reserved Keithy Cobb (Max Turner) and young-gun sports enthusiast Daisy Hawkins (Coco Greenstone), Percy has his eye on winning the athletics carnival. All he needs is new shoes.

School shenanigans aside, Percy lives with his Aunty Cressida (Jessica Mauboy), Aunty Prue (Lisa Maza), and his advice-giving Pop (Kelton Pell), who is trying to help Percy with his inherited ability to see and communicate with spirits.

Written by Boyd Quakawoot, Windcatcher is engaging and has well-developed characters and kids that you will love. The three young stars are captivating and the film features some well-known faces like Pia Miranda and Jessia McNamee in supporting roles.

Windcatcher is a feel-good film the whole family will enjoy this Easter long weekend!

4 Stars

Windcatcher is now available to stream on Stan.


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