Will Neighbours Praise us with a wedding?

Will Neighbours Praise us with a wedding?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips will Terese and Paul ever tie the knot well the answer is maybe tonight.

After spending the last few weeks haunted by the ghosts of ex-wives past Paul (Stefan Dennis) finally got some answers last night.

Caroline (Gillian Blakeney) furious with her sister turns up at the hotel room to explain all to a confused Terese. After summoning Paul and Christina Gayle Blakeney, Caroline eventually persuaded her sister tell all. Terese’s suspicions are confirmed – all the ex-wives turning up is far from a coincidence. Terese and Paul coerce Christina and Caroline into revealing who organised the conspiracy of wives and Paul was  thrown when he Skyped  the mastermind  who turned out to be  his daughter, Elle Robinson (Pippa Black)

Tonight Paul confronts Elle via Skype.  He learns she has no qualms about bringing all his ex-wives back into his life as a test for both him and Terese before the big day. Armed with this intel Paul begs Terese to take him back and forge ahead with their plans to marry but will it work?  Also, tonight which Ramsay Street resident will make a surprising exit.

It’s a jam-packed episode you won’t want to miss as one of Neighbours best storylines comes to a close and fans won’t be disappointed.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm Weeknights on 10 Peach