Will Anderson does another Just for Laughs Special

Will Anderson does another Just for Laughs Special

Seven has added another Just for Laughs special scheduled for Sunday night.

John and Yoko’s bed is all part of Wil Anderson’s journey from LA to Montreal as he presents some of the world’s funniest comedians in this two-hour laugh-fest on Channel Seven.

Cruising the streets of Hollywood in a convertible with Rove McManus, Wil’s antics are literally pulled up by the LA police.

Cal Wilson accepts Wil’s challenge to fly sky-high in a wind tunnel in Canada, and Aussie comedy sensation Sam Simmons – now making it big in the USA – cuddles Wil in the same bed that John and Yoko held their famous seven day love-in to ‘give peace a chance’.

Wil joins the top comedians from around the globe at this year’s Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, which he says is North America’s biggest and best. “The Montreal Comedy Festival is a lot like the Olympic Games except you don’t have to wee in the cup – you just have to piss yourself laughing,” Will says.

The comedian guest list includes: Cal Wilson, Arj Barker, Danny Bhoy, Ryan Hamilton, Alonzo Bodden, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Carr, Kitty Flanagan, Dane Cook, Joan Rivers, Josh Thomas, Rove McManus, Sarah Silverman, Sam Simmons, Ronnie Chieng, Rich Hall, and Wil Anderson of course!

The annual ‘Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival’ is the largest international comedy festival in the world. Performing at the festival is considered one of the biggest opportunities for comedians to showcase their acts in front of worldwide industry professionals.

Sunday November 10 at 8.30pm on Channel Seven


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