Why Matthew Le Nevez Left Offspring and why the producers are annoyed at Ten

Why Matthew Le Nevez Left Offspring and why the producers are annoyed at Ten

Last Night Australia watched in horror as Matthew Le Nevez Departed offspring and know we know why.

In an article published in the SMH creators John Edwards and Imagon Banks revealed that

“When Le Nevez signed up for Offspring, his growing profile in the US meant that his commitment to Offspring would “always be a minute-to-minute thing”, says Banks. “We had to lure him back. He’s been prolonging his time here. It’s not so much that his profile grew and he left. It’s more that we’ve been living on borrowed time throughout the whole process and we’re lucky we’ve had as much of him as we have.”

“We’ve tried to go forward with stories that might be unconventional in a romantic comedy story. For example, going ahead with the pregnancy, normally that wouldn’t happen in a rom-com. We deliberately wanted to go into new territory, just go where the characters would take us. The issue of mortality was new and we thought we should do it.”

they both intended for the departure staying under wrap but Ten got their way.

“It would have come as a surprise if it hadn’t been promo-ed,” says Edwards. “The intention was it would be completely surprising and shocking. Unfortunately, that’s been taken out of our hands.

“I think the fact that a guessing game is being encouraged is very, very unfortunate. I’ve been involved six times in series where we’ve done a similar thing. This is the first time it’s been promoted like this. I can only say that I think it’s extremely disappointing and not something we are happy with at all.

I understand the need to promote a show for succsess but surely the network could of respected the creators choices and kept it under wrap for maximum impact?

Next Week  the nation farewells Patrick in what is being billed as incredible hour of TV