Whose taking Jimmy Home?

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Jimmy was eager to see if his strong spark with Brooke was still there while showcasing Sydney to the Melbournite on the last single date. They kicked off their date off with Pilates from the top of Sydney Tower, but it was their lips that really got a good stretching.

Brooke revealed that while it was an easy decision to return to the mansion, it did come with a few red flags. With online access, Brooke saw paparazzi shots of Jimmy kissing Lily, Holly and Ash which brought up her insecurities. Jimmy understood that seeing those would have been confronting but was able to reassure her that he was glad she was back.

A new day saw the ladies confronted with large pictures of themselves. They were quick to note there was something weird about their images and soon realised it was because they had been made to look symmetrical. Osher introduced them to a face reading expert who could tell how you face the world by your face structure. She used her unique set of skills to analyse how each pair would work as a couple.

The Cocktail Party was their last chance to talk to Jimmy before home towns. With only six ladies left, none holding a rose, everyone was on edge.

Speaking with Jimmy, Brooke admitted her reluctance to move and her co-dependency issues when she is in a relationship. Knowing that Jimmy often works late, she asked that he be willing to compromise. Jimmy explained that while he is open to moving, he needs his future partner to understand that he is passionate about his job and can’t choose his rosters. He doesn’t want a partner that resents him for the work he does.

Heading into the rose ceremony Brooke was rattled and wondered if she had sabotaged herself, but her fears disappeared when she received the last rose. Sadly it was Ash and Lily who were sent home.

Don’t miss tomorrow night when Brooke, Carlie, Jay, and Holly bring Bachy home to meet their family.


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