Who Survived Big Brother’s White Room?

Who Survived Big Brother’s White Room?

As the game enters it’s final days Big Brother rewarded the housemates but they weren’t expecting a twist.

Return Serve – Each housemate spent one hour standing on a designated mark waiting for a tennis ball to be served with no warning. They had to try and hit the ball. On offer was $1,000 for their shopping budget but every time they failed to return serve Big Brother deducted $10.In the end the housemates secured  $400 towards premium shopping items that included a phone call home worth $50 (which Sarah snapped up to talk to her mum)

Catapult – Each housemate had a catapult and 30 coloured balls which they had to fire at any one of the baskets belonging to their fellow housemates. Once their basket contained five balls they were out of the challenge. The housemate left with fewer than five balls in their basket won the challenge.

Winning today did not give Mat the power to nominate because there was no eviction. Instead, he holds a yet to be revealed power which BB says will control the future of the game.

As Mat, Chad, Daniel and Sarah watched on in surprise, Kieran and Sophie were told to look at a screen where an amount of money would gradually increase over 60 seconds. At any point during this minute, either of them could press their red button freezing the total. Whoever pressed first would keep the money but leave the Big Brother house for good. The other housemate would return to the house and the game. If neither pressed the red button, the power would be handed over to the house and the person who won the last challenge. The money they were tempted with would be taken out of the overall prize money. Kieran pressed his red button just inside the time limit and walked away with $15,344. while Sophie re-entered the house much to Chad and Sarah’s delight and Mat and Dan’s horror forcing both of them to have a meltdown

on her return Sophie said  – “I’m back channelling every single queen that there is right now, the Ice Queen, Khaleesi, Queen of Sheba. If someone tries to kick me off this throne again they’re going to have to fight hard. I’m not going easily this time. I’m holding on tight. I’m going to #%#$ win.”

On his exit

Kieran Said – “I just won $15,000 off the grand prize total and I couldn’t be happier. You thought you could get rid of me at the first eviction and you failed and then you failed another six times. And now I’m leaving on my own terms. I’m a thick boy that’s just stolen fifteen grand. Sophie’s going to rain vengeance on the house, she’s going to go after the people that betrayed her. So my message for the housemates is never underestimate the underdog.”