White Collar Returns and Gang Related preimere

White Collar Returns and Gang Related preimere

Fans of White Collar are about to bid farewell to their favorite duo.

One will screen the show’s sixth and final season that consists of just six episodes to wrap things up. One will screen a double episode to kick things off.

“Borrowed Time”/ “Return to Sender”

Peter brings Rebecca in to help locate Neal, who is being held captive by one of her former associates. Meanwhile Neal comes up with a plan to get his freedom.

7:30 PM Wednesday on One

After White Collar One will premiere the short lived Drama series Gang Related. The 13 episodes series follows the personal and professional lives of the members of a Gang Task Force. The series stars Ramón Rodríguez and Terry O Quinn.

Ryan Lopez’s partner James is killed by Carlos Acosta, but Ryan cannot arrest him because of his double life with the Los Angeles Gang Task Force and the Los Angelicos gang.

9:30 pm Wednesday on One