What’s Your Emergency to air on Nine

What’s Your Emergency to air on Nine

Nine screens a 10 part UK factual series that follows emergency services  in Blackpool.

Using cameras in call centres, ambulances, police cars and fire engines, and on the streets, the series offers non-stop access to every aspect of work in the front line of critical emergency services.

What’s Your Emergency follows a cast of strong and engaging characters who reveal what a response to “999” emergency calls – from car crashes and house fires to the fallout from alcohol and drug abuse – involves.

Emergency call centres are the first response to cries for help, where crisis teams must make life-and-death decisions when there is no one else to turn to.

In episode one, Blackpool’s emergency services tackle the fallout from the dizzying array of “party drugs” that are on the rise across the United Kingdom with devastating impact on individuals and society in general.

Wednesday, April 10, at 9.40pm.


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