What TEN’S New CEO has in store for the network

What TEN’S New CEO has in store for the network

An interesting article was published in The Daily Telegraph today that restored my confidence in TEN and new CEO Hamish McLennan

in the interview he concedes that ratings flops Being Lara Bingle and The Shire reality shows were mistakes that alienated the audience.

They were not right for Ten. They alienated some of our audience. It’s critical that we be irreverent where we can be and interesting, but be open to what our audience wants,” he said.

He is looking for new shows that captured the same ground-breaking edge that Big Brother once had.

Big Brother, in its day when it launched, broke so many rules. It was really interesting content,” he said.

“What’s most important is to be fun and irreverent.”

All formats and genres were now under review.

“We can get back our swagger,” he recently told staff. “What I have always liked about TEN is there is an irreverence to it and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. That’s a good pro-forma for what we need to do going forward.”


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