What A Caulker! 

What A Caulker! 

Here’s what went down on tonight’s epic instalment of The Amazing Race Australia.

Teams foot raced for one of two boats leaving 15 mins apart for Caye Caulker. In this challenge, teams fed the local fish, but these weren’t your typical household Gold Fish, these whoppers could weigh up to 160kg. Luckily (for some), the first boat managed to finish feeding before boat two even arrived.

The sharks were getting FOMO, so it was time to get up close and personal with the locals. This Roadblock saw one member from each team snorkel and hold their breath in shark and string ray infested waters to retrieve a marked conch shell. Kelly and Georgia raced to the front while Angel had a shark-sized panic, causing them to lose the time advantage they gained from being on the first boat.

Next up, it was a Detour choice between twerking tooshies or twirling tresses. While Kelly and Georgia struggled to complete the eight cornrow braids, Tiffany and Cynthia used their braiding skills to nail the challenge. Meanwhile, Pako and Mori boogied through the traditional booty shaking moves with no hesitation at all.

In the next Roadblock involving slow-mo bike riding while transporting coconuts, Pako and Mori and Heath and Toni managed to maintain their advantage, setting up a two horse race to the finish line.

Jodie and Claire struggled with the bike ride but were given a lifeline thanks to Lauren and Steph returning from isolation and having to complete a Speed Bump.

It was another foot race battle to the picturesque Pit Stop. Heath and Toni beat out Pako and Mori for first place, and in the race to stay in the race, Lauren and Steph were just too strong for Jodie and Claire, keeping them around for another leg while Jodie and Claire were sent packing.


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