Wentworth Top Dogs Over Prisoner.

Wentworth Top Dogs Over Prisoner.

t was the battle of the prison yards on the latest episode of All Star Family Feud, as two of Australia’s most popular television dramas went head-to-head to see who would come out top dog.

Ultimately the legends from Prisoner – Colette Mann, Val Lehamn, Fiona Spence and Ian Smith – lost out to the newbies from Wentworth, Celia Ireland, Katrina Milosevic, Kate Jenkinson and Bernard Curry.

Things looked good for Prisoner when asked to “Name something you would do if you could be invisible”, with Ian giving a response no one saw coming.

But with Wentworth stealing the points in round one, Prisoner took the win in round two with “Name something a writer struggles with”.

Wentworth’s team captain Celia took the honest approach with her answer to “Name something that will get you sent to the dog house”.

Playing for the win, Wentworth took the pressure seriously when faced with the question “Name something that could go wrong during a play at the theatre”.

Wentworth took the win, claiming the spot as top dog, with Katrina and Bernard stepping up for Fast Money, netting $30,000 for their charity One In Five, while Prisoner won $10,000 for their nominated charity Positive Women.

All Star Family Feud returns on Sunday, 30 October at 7.30pm in an Australian Survivor episode that will see Saanapu tribe members Lee, El, Sam and Brooke go head-to-head with Vavau’s Sue, Rohan, Phoebe and Conner.