Wentworth gets a fifth season

Wentworth gets a fifth season

No surprises here with Foxtel announcing Wentworth will be back for another 12 episodes next year.

With season four set for an intense finale on Foxtel’s SoHo next Tuesday, Foxtel confirmed FremantleMedia Australia will commence production on the internationally acclaimed drama in Melbourne next month.


Foxtel Head of Drama Penny Win said “Wentworth has gone from strength to strength over the past four seasons. Not only is it an international television success story, now showing in 141 territories, it is a ratings blockbuster and fan favourite for Foxtel audiences. We are extremely proud of this long-running drama juggernaut.


“It was a very easy decision to commission a further season of this brilliantly constructed and crafted program from our production partner FremantleMedia. There is a lot in store both for the women behind bars and those on the outside.”


FremantleMedia Australia Director of Drama and Wentworth executive producer Jo Porter said “As season four comes to a close, the audience has witnessed a dangerous shift in the power base at Wentworth which is building to an unmissable conclusion next week. 


Wentworth has built a reputation for delivering a world with unexpected twists and turns where no character is safe.  The season’s end provides a chilling platform for our script producer Marcia Gardner and the writing team to shape the next chapter for our regular characters, along with some new faces in the yard and on the outside. With series producer Pino Amenta at the helm, our ambition to keep lifting the bar and reward our audience both locally and internationally couldn’t be stronger.”

Wentworth season four finale screens  8:30 PM Tuesday on Soho