Weekly Block Challenge Leads to Potential Scandal

Weekly Block Challenge Leads to Potential Scandal

The fallout from last night’s Winners and Grinners continues, after Sarah-Jane joked about Ankur and Sharon’s quality of painting and Sharon took it the wrong way.

Sharon is not happy as she felt she was being laughed at in a group setting. Sarah-Jane and Sharon exchange text messages, with Sharon saying:

“I know you are very forthright and don’t care what people think, but sometimes I think just saying it like it is, just being honest and cheeky masks saying hurtful things. And I feel sometimes some things are better left unsaid if you care about the other person.”

Sarah-Jane is mortified and in tears that people may think she is saying mean things about them. She is backed up by Rachel who understands she was only joking.

Omar and Oz find asbestos on their worksite and are shut down to further notice. Meanwhile Dylan and Jenny, their neighbours, are doing everything they can to avoid another shut down this week.

More tension between Sharon and her builder Liam, after it came out in the open last week that both were struggling with each other because of communication issues. Liam is also questioning the work ethic of Sharon.

The contestants will each get to pull the hipages lever once this year. When they pull the lever, they get extra trades from hipages.

It’s another challenge on The Block, with a wine tasting challenge called The Grape Escape at the beautiful Levantine Hill in the Yarra Valley.

There are lots of parts to the challenge, the first is to crush some grapes. The fastest wins 10,000. The win goes to Tom and Sarah-Jane. Tom is very good at it.

For the second part of the challenge, our contestants must replicate a 2015 Samantha’s Paddock Wine bottle by tasting several wines to make their own bottle. The closest as judged by the chief wine maker at Levantine Hill to the 2015 Samantha’s Paddock wins $50,000 of wine to take home to The Block.

Sharon and Ankur are very quick at the challenge, and it appears they Google the recipe which is easily available online. Is this smart play or cheating?

They move on to the next stage of the challenge, which is designing a wine label for the bottle.

The other contestants don’t Google the recipe and are way behind Ankur and Sharon.

They are also annoyed at Sharon for taking too long with the wine label designer. Some say she was selfish.

Whoever is judged as having the best-designed label also wins $50,000 of wine, that’s why some of the contestants are annoyed at Sharon for taking so long.

The challenge is over and as predicated, Ankur and Sharon’s replica 2015 Samantha’s Paddock is pretty much perfect. Dylan and Jenny come in second. Ankur and Sharon don’t own up to Googling the recipe, instead saying they drank a lot of it during lockdown and were given bottles of the wine after attending one of Melbourne’s fashion weeks. They say they are very familiar with the wine.

Is this another Block cheating scandal or will it blow over?


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