Wedding and Island Drama on Neighbours

The drama in Erinsborough continues to unfold in another action-packed double episode.

Following on from the surprise proposal last night, Mark (Scott McGregor) and Paige (Olympia Valance) are on cloud nine as the preparations for their wedding begin. But while this couple are loved-up, another is bubbling with tension. Invited over for dinner, Jane (Annie Jones) is mortified to learn that Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) are on the rocks, no thanks to Paul helping Jane financially. During a week of weddings, could one of Neighbours‘ strongest couples fall apart?

Meanwhile, it’s the night before Gary (Damien Richardson) and Prue’s (Denis van Outen) wedding, and Gary is feeling hurt by the lack of support from his family. After confronting Prue as to why Harlow (Jemma Donovan) suddenly changed her mind about the wedding, Gary wonders if they should postpone the wedding so their children can be involved in their big day. Prue insists that they don’t, but little does Gary know that Prue has a debt to The Order. Will Gary finally get to say “I do”?

Back at the expo, Sky (Stephanie McIntosh) still has a secret that’s weighing on her mind, still wanting to speak to Toadie once he returns from the island. With her cousin Jane the only one to know what’s brought her back to Erinsborough, Sky begs her to keep quiet. But will Jane keep her lips sealed?

Leaving behind the drama in Erinsborough, we return to the island where Finn (Rob Mills) has just pushed Bea (Bonnie Anderson) down the abandoned mind he’d scouted out. Returning to the camp, he explains they he ended things with Bea and she returned to the mainland.

Just when Finn feels like everything is falling into place, he is confronted by Harry (Paul Dawber) who reveals he has a recording of what Finn did to Bea. What will Finn do to get Harry on his side again?

Elsewhere on the island, Harlow struggles with knowing her mother’s secret and what it will mean for her marriage to Gary. As she resolves her feelings, things begin to heat up with Hendrix (Benjamin Turland). Is Ramsay Street’s newest couple ready to take the next step in their relationship?

Yet again, Neighbours delivers another compelling episode as we edge closer to Finn’s endgame.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm Weeknights on 10Peach