Was The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

<strong>Was The Juice Worth The Squeeze?</strong>

Juicy Dave’s Australian Survivor: Blood V Water streak, a player that will be long remembered for being clever enough to sway the direction of the game while remaining under the radar has come to an end.

Mark was a furious man that was not in the mood for sympathy after the ejection of his wife, Sam. This cunning move had left Mark in a precarious position, as Josh had flipped and left their alliance in the minority, with Dave now holding the swing vote between the two alliances.

Feathers were ruffled at today’s Reward Challenge, as Shay had promised KJ and Chrissy a girls night at the Survivor Spa if she nabbed the win. But as the challenge got to the pointy end, cunning Jordie cut a deal with Shay and Josh that confirmed they would all take each other. 

The news did not land well with KJ and Chrissy, but it proved a fruitful evening for Shay, as the three got to work planning their next big move.

Puzzle Prince Josh won his second Individual Immunity, leaving long-time target Joker Jordie vulnerable. However, Josh had his sights set on convincing Chrissy that Juicy David is in fact the bigger threat.

Mark was skeptical of everyone’s motives and was after revenge on David after he had convinced Josh to vote out Sam the night prior. Feeling like he didn’t have a read on who was playing with who, Mark finally played his hidden Immunity Idol at Tribal Council, saving himself from a spot on the Jury next to his wife, Sam.

This left the votes split evenly on Jordie and David, sending the castaways to a revote, where Juicy David was deemed the bigger threat.  

On being eliminated, David shared: “Juicy Dave was born in Survivor, and I’m very proud of the game I’ve played. I’ve always said it wasn’t my dream to be on Survivor, it was my daughter Briana’s, but she transferred that dream when they sent her home early. I would have loved for her to be there, that’s why I fought so hard.”


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