WA week ends in a two dish pressure test

Queensland mum Christina Laker has been eliminated from MasterChef Australia, falling on the eve of Finals Week as a week of challenges across Western Australia came to an end.

Tasked with recreating two dishes set by guest chef Santi Fernadez from Voyager Estate in Margaret River, it was an overly set espuma which let her down in a battle alongside Simon.

The pair had to create Santi’s incredible dish of quail with scallops, shiitake, cauliflower and avruga followed by his chocolate, banana, peanut, miso, brown butter.

The pair battled it out in the three-and-a-half-hour challenge after Larissa used a coveted immunity pin to save herself from the cook.

It was Christina’s first pressure test of the season and she knew she was entering her most important cook in the competition.

With an hour to go, it was clear Christina was falling behind but she was confident as she began her dessert dish as sweets are her specialty, opting to use her instincts rather than the recipe.

Despite a savoury plate that George admitted looked spectacular and an ice cream that the judges said was on par with guest chef Santi Fernadez, the jus on Christina’s savoury dish was overly salty and her espuma mousse was too thick, rendering it inedible.

Her elimination leaves just six vying for the title of MasterChef Australia 2019 – Tessa and Nicole from Queensland; Simon, Anushka and Tim from Victoria; and Larissa from New South Wales.

Since leaving the MasterChef kitchen, Christina has continued to complete her naturopathy degree. She is also working on a website and eBook, focusing on wholesome cooking for families.