WA to get Sherlock on Sunday

WA to get Sherlock on Sunday

WA Viewers will get the new season of Sherlock before the rest of the country.

The series will air over the next three  Sundays  at 8:30PM  in WA only . The surprising move is surely a first with key programming being screened at different dates around Australia. The strategy however was purely made from a promotional perspective it seems.

Nine Perth Managing Director David Mott explained to TV Tonight  “Rather than run a repeat movie in Perth when the cricket concludes we thought we would showcase this outstanding series in prime time leading into the 2014 survey year. It will also assist in the ability to promote other key series such as the brilliant Love Child, Fat Tony, Schapelle and The Block,” he said.

The series will screen in other states soon and is worth the wait just avoid those spoilers.



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