Villa Shocked by 1st Recoupling

Since day one in the Villa Tyra and Nakia have been best friends, but the arrival of tattooed new Bomb Kale, from the Gold Coast, has really tested them.

The girls both went on a date with Kale and bonded. 

Tyra is starting to really question her relationship with Ben after the date. Perhaps she and him are too comfortable. In the end Tyra decides to take a step back and let Kale pursue Nakia, after Ben told her that Nakia was Kale’s No.1.

Reid doesn’t waste his time and then tries to get to know Tyra, as Ben watches on.

Kirra gets a text, there will be a dumping tonight and the girls will choose, after Kale steals a girl first. 

All day Ollie and Reid realise they are in trouble, and both woo Kirra to pick them. Reid claims he wants to get to know Kirra, but Ollie is having none of it and calls him out to the boys and her for using her to stay in. Despite the fact he is in a friendship with Kirra, he is desperate to stay.

At the recoupling, Kale couples up with Nakia, Savannah couples up with Trent, Tia couples up with Nate, Lucinda couples up with Zac, Tyra couples up with Ben reluctantly. Lastly Kirra doesn’t listen to Ollie’s warning signs and couples up with Reid.

Ollie isn’t happy and in one of the more memorable dumpings, he rips Reid to shreds calling him a snake. 

Kirra believes she made the right choice, but is Reid genuine? The boys don’t think so.


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