Vida Review

Stan’s next big hit is here, it’s called Vida and you’ll be wanted to add this to your watch-list.

Vida tells the story two Mexican-American sisters, Emma (Mishel Prada) and Lyn (Melissa Barrera), from the Eastside of Los Angeles who couldn’t be more different. Lyn still lives at home while Emma has moved to Chicago and gotten her life together. When their mother collapses on the bathroom floor and passes away, both are hoping to make a quick appearance, sell her struggling bar and then leave.  However, the two young women are confronted by their mother’s roommate Eddy (Karen Ser Anzoategui). Secrets of the past are uncovered and both are forced to face the truth when a big secret is revealed about their mother.

Once the secret is revealed both Emma and Lyn realise their planned quick exits aren’t going to be easy with both facing people from their past whilst also trying to honor their mother. Vida also has a unique voice in activist Vlogger Marisol (Chelsea Rendon), who is fighting against the neighbourhoods’ changing cultural landscape and always has something to say.

Creator Tanya Saracho (How to Get Away With Murder) has given an engrossing pilot episode which sets the stage for interesting things ahead, depending on the direction the series takes moving forward. Casting a bunch of Latino artists to tell this story was key and everyone does a great job here, especially the shows leads as the dynamic between Emma and Lyn is a delight to watch.

One of the series drawbacks is the length of the pilot. As a 30-minute drama, it feels a little incomplete but when paired with the second episode, you are given a clear understanding of the story.

Vida is a story about secrets and how we react to them, especially when those we love are no longer around to explain themselves.

4.5 /5 Stars

Vida Premieres Monday May 7 on Stan