Victorian shack wrecked as House Rules begins

House Rules revealed its first house last night and the reactions were mixed, to say the least.

VIC best friends Fiona and Nicole were the first team to hand over their keys to their lopsided tin shack with no power, running water or plumbed sewerage. It was so bad they demolished the house and the teams were left to build a brand new home in seven days.

Joh also announced this year there would be a bonus room in each house. This week it was won by twins Andrew & Jono. They chose to keep it.

Throughout many challenges, the teams managed to complete the mammoth task and it was time for the judging.

Andrew & Jono: Entry, master bedroom, and mudroom, as well as the, bouns room   Drew thought Andrew & Jono’s outdoor room was “great” and said he’d be surprised if they didn’t get the bonus points. The boys received 14/30 from the judges for their efforts this week.

Troy & Bec: 11-year-old Keenan’s bedroom, laundry, and hallway  *While LLB liked Troy & Bec’s use of the Houe Rules  colour red in the hallway, he said their kangaroo metal art was “unforgiveable” and their hanging sculpture was “rubbish.”  Wendy agreed saying it was “dreadful” and “dusty.”  Luckily, the couple redeemed themselves with their graffiti wall art in Keenan’s bedroom. They got a surprising  12/30 from the judges

Sean & Ella: Dining room, family room, bathroom  *LLB was impressed with Sean & Ella’s bathroom stripes but didn’t like their clock statement piece in the living room, saying he felt they were “phoning in” a showroom theme. They scored a nicely balanced score of 17/30

Kate & Harry: Lounge room & ensuite  *LLB said Kate & Harry’s ensuite didn’t hit the ‘Hollywood’ House Rule and felt more like a “Bruce Willis disaster area” but liked their living area layout and its European style. BUT he didn’t like their fireplace mosaic saying it “looks like old dog biscuits.”  The judges gave them 15/30

Aaron & Daniella: 14-year-old Bannon’s bedroom and the kitchen  *All three judges agreed that Aaron & Daniella had created the best example of contemporary country with their kitchen. They also praised their work in Bannon’s room with their tree statement piece, but Wendy noted their corner wardrobe wasn’t practical. Aaron and Daniella got the highest score from the judges with 20/30

With the judges’ scores now complete, it’s time for Fiona and Nicole to give their verdicts and it ain’t pretty.

Andrew & Jono: Entry, master bedroom, and mudroom  *Fiona & Nicole loved the entry/mud room/master bedroom – they liked the bold colour -but felt there were elements that didn’t hit the House Rules. They scored the boys a 7

Troy & Bec: 11-year-old Keenan’s bedroom, laundry, and hallway 

*Keenan loved his room but Fiona felt the desk wasn’t in the right spot, to which Troy responded: “Going by what they had and what they’ve got they shouldn’t hate anything.”  *They didn’t particularly like the scenery splash back, buy loved the size of laundry trough and tap fitting. The girls handed them a 6

Sean & Ella: Dining room, family room, bathroom  *They liked the beautiful bath but felt the stripe was too industrial and the contemporary country rule in that room wasn’t nailed. They got a  5 for their effort.

Kate & Harry: Lounge room & ensuite the blue tile in the ensuite was beautiful, but felt the wrong type of metallic was incorporated into the room.*Loved the duck egg blue chairs in the loungeroom, but felt the stone fireplace was not the right stone for the area.  Kate and Harry received a 5 from the girls 

Aaron & Daniella: 14-year-old Bannon’s bedroom and the kitchen  *Fiona liked the light fittings in Bannon’s room, but would have like to have seen more room for his mates saying the walk-in robe was an awesome idea, but took up too much room*  Clearly Fiona and Nicole weren’t impressed at all as they gave them a 4.

 The girls didn’t think the outdoor area hit their house rule so Andrew and Jono lost 5 points off their total score.

After all the scores were combined the leaderboard looks like this





House Rules begins Kate and Harry’s SA Reno 7:30pm Tonight on Seven