Vegan Warriors Wobble In Marrakesh. 

Vegan Warriors Wobble In Marrakesh. 

The second set of teams were off and racing from Sydney in tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia, none the wiser the race had already started.

Getting mucky in the Marrakesh rain, cabs were stolen and rivals were created as the loveable Vegan Warriors and their lack of direction missed their first clue.

With pots finally moved from one end of the market to the other, cups were counted and a restless night’s sleep had before an epic Roadblock to taste some extremely old preserved lemons.

But when it came to the next task of skinning goat hides in the traditional manner, animals lovers Bren and Anja realised The Race was harder on their morals than expected and they opted to take the penalty, which ultimately saw them arrive to the Pit Stop in last place and get eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia.


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