Upload Review

Upload Review

This week, Amazon uploads, pun totally intended, its new series Upload, but is it worth downloading?

Upload is set in a not-too-distant future where driver-less cars are a thing and you can be digitized before you die, allowing you to move your consciousness state to a community.


The series tells the story of a young app developer Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell, The Flash), who is dating the beautifully rich Ingrid (Allega Edwards Friends From Collage ). After a freak self-driving car accident puts Nathan near death, Ingrid, like any good girlfriend, insists he upload into her family afterlife at Lake View.


Each resident at Lake View is given an angel to guide them, a customer service representative if you will. In this particular afterlife community, Nathan is assigned Nora (Andy Allo Chicago Fire ), a well-adjusted human who strikes up a friendship with Nathan, whose death is a bit sus.

In the first half of the series screened for this review, Greg Daniels (Parks And Recreation) has a lot to setup and he does it exceptionally well. It also becomes clear that not all every afterlife is equal and where you go depends how much money you can afford. The fact that Ingrid is paying for Nathan’s experience emphasizes the point.


Upload has a lot to enjoy as well follow Nathan in his afterlife adventure, and with the perfectly cast Amell, it’s easy to get sucked in quickly. Allo is also captivating as Nora and the two of them make the show work. Also watch of for residents Dylan (Rhys Slack Legends of Tomorrow), a kid who wants to grow up, and Luke (Kevin Bigley Here and Now ), who tries to become Nathan’s best friend.

Upload is an interesting tale, one which is fun and mysterious and well-worth the download.

4 Stars

Upload premiers Friday on Amazon Prime Video.