Under Investigation with Liz Hayes sets 2023 Return

Under Investigation with Liz Hayes sets 2023 Return

Join Australia’s leading experts and investigators at the War Table where the country’s most baffling crimes are reopened and re-examined on Under Investigation with Liz Hayes when it returns next week.

 This marks the return of Nine’s flagship studio program for 2023 when acclaimed investigative journalist Liz Hayes, together with new teams of criminal and forensic experts, puts eight captivating cold cases under the microscope. There’s fresh evidence, exclusive witnesses – and extraordinary revelations.

Under Investigation launches with an eerie outback mystery. Loving couple Ray and Jennie Kehlet join colleague Graham “Grumpy” Milne on a gold-prospecting trip to the red heart of Western Australia. Three people go out but only one comes back. Then a body is found in a remote mineshaft. With a senior member of the police investigative team joining our panel of UI experts, the case is laid open as never before.

UI will also examine the strange case of “Willi” Koeppen, Australia’s first celebrity TV chef, who disappeared without a trace in 1976. He owned one of Australia’s most celebrated restaurants, patronised by the rich and famous, from prime ministers to pop stars. With a real-life “Cluedo” cast of suspects our UI experts retrace Willi’s final hours and reach a shocking but inescapable conclusion.

The program also investigates a legal scandal without parallel in the Western world: the case of South Australia’s chief forensic officer, Dr Colin Manock, who for more than 30 years conducted thousands of autopsies and gave expert testimony in hundreds of cases without the key specialist qualification. Innocents were jailed, potential murderers went free – and as revealed by UI, senior members of South Australia’s criminal justice system knew the truth.

December 12, 2022 will forever be marked as one of the cruellest days in Australian history, when two young police officers attending a routine missing persons enquiry were ambushed and killed in cold blood on a remote Queensland property. The killers, radicalised online by crazed conspiracy theories, visited their murderous ideology in the real world. In the first major television analysis of this shocking crime, Under Investigation’s team examines what many say is the frightening new front of domestic terrorism.

Liz Hayes said: “I am grateful Under Investigation continues to attract the country’s most skilled criminal experts to dissect and decode both decade-old and recent unsolved crimes. A unique combination of new technology, people’s yearning desire to tell their truth, and our unwavering commitment to comprehensive analysis prove to be groundbreaking for these cases. Absolutely everything is up for investigation.”

Take your seat at the War Table when Under Investigation with Liz Hayes returns Wednesday, February 8, at 9.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now. 


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