Under Belly NZ set to Go

Under Belly NZ set to Go

The New Zealand series of Underbelly will get a  run on Australian TV over the weekend.

The series which tells the he rise and fall of New Zealand’s ‘Mr. Asia’, Marty Johnstone (Dan Musgrove), who built the country’s first ever drug cartel, the Syndicate. The series which was screened in 2011 will screen in double episodes over 3 nights.

Disorganised Crime”
Tracks the rise of New Zealand’s first ever drug cartel. Marty Johnstone’s small time criminal career gets a big boost when he makes contact with a supplier of Thai cannabis sticks.

Starring: Dan Musgrove, Thijs Morris, Jamie Irvine, Holly Shanahan

Double episodes begin 9:30pm Saturday December 28 on GO! and continue Sunday and Monday.