Tyson and Amy’s Kitchen Rules after topping leaderboard

Well that was unexpected, Last night Amy and Tyson finally cooked and delivered the best My Kitchen Rules score in history.

After talking a huge game at the table all eyes were on Amy and Tyson to see if Angry Angry Man would appear. While there were a few moments where he could have appeared Amy managed to calm him and deliver some wonderful food.

The dynamic duo cooked a polarizing entree of  Lamb Brains with Cauliflower Puree, Siracha Aioli and Pickles. The judges loved it and even Ash who was less than pleased with being served brains called it enjoyable.

The main of pig’s jowl with eggplant puree, pumpkin puree, pommes frites and apple cider is another success despite their struggle frying the chips. The first mouthful I had, it was the best mouthful I’ve had in this competition of anything,” Pete said.

Before dessert of  Chocolate Raspberry Discovery was served Bek and Kyle kissed.   Chocolate Raspberry Discovery for those wondering is raspberry coulis with marshmallow and meringue and pretzel bits and sponge cake and sorbet and ice cream and chocolate shavings. As with anything chocolatey it goes down a hit with everyone. 3

When it comes time to score two  MKR records are  broken

Teams: 43/50
Pete: Entrée 10/10; Main 10/10; Dessert 10/10
Manu: Entrée 10/10; Main 9/10; Dessert 10/10
Overall Score: 102/110

Pete delivers three perfect tens for the first time ever which helps Amy and Tyson take over the highest score ever title from Tim and Kyle who set the record on Monday night.

Tyson was overjoyed with his efforts  saying the score shows “It shows I’m not full of shit,”

it’s time for the big elimination twist! We’re heading to Kitchen HQ! The two teams on the bottom of the leaderboard (Bek & Ash and David & Betty) will go head to head in a Sudden Death elimination challenge.

Who will come out on top and who will be the first team eliminated from My Kitchen Rules? find out tonight on Seven at 7:30 pm