Two More Cooks In The Running for MasterChef’s Top 24.

MasterChef Australia’s latest round of amateur cooks competing for a much-coveted place in the Top 24 include Melbourne’s Jess Butler and Pia Gava.

In the judges’ auditions, Jess, a 29-year-old nurse, risks combining sweet and savoury ingredients in a Japanese-inspired dessert she calls The Tea Ceremony. The judges agree that the dish looks delicious but has Jess made the mistake of compromising flavour for flair? 

Contracts officer Pia, 49, has decided to play to her strengths by creating a simple Italian homemade dish: gnocchi. Will this simple but classic dinner be enough to set the judges taste buds on fire?

Tune in to see if Jess and Pia make it through the judges’ auditions and secure a place in MasterChef Australia’s Top 24 soon on Ten.