Twin Trouble shakes up the Villa

Tina and Callum have a chat, Callum doesn’t want to give too much to her if she still has strong feelings for Mitch.

There are some real love stories growing in the villa – Austen admits he is falling hard for Claudia, and Mitchell is the same for Phoebe S.

Callum awakes to a surprise, there is a new bomb in the villa. Madeline, 25, from Melbourne. In his words, she is ‘banging.’  He goes to get all the boys to meet the new bomb, with Al admitting he would like to get to know her.

As the girls all wake up it gets back to Jess that Al didn’t close Mads off, and she isn’t happy at all. All day they argue, and Al doesn’t quite know how to deal with it. Al is increasingly feeling drained at Jess and her behaviour. Austen and Claudia become couple counsellors to the pair.

Another bomb arrives, this time Hugh, who is also 25 from Melbourne. The Islanders don’t know Hugh is actually Mads’ twin brother! They keep it secret from the villa as both graft all day.

At night it’s a festival theme and everyone dresses up for the party. The Islanders play a game of truth and dare and at the end of the night, Mads and Hugh reveal to everyone they are twins.

The Islanders are shocked, they had no idea. Callum in particular feels awkward as he was talking about how hot Mads is to her brother Hugh.


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