Tully Turfed out as intruders are set to impose

Tully Turfed out as intruders are set to impose

One of 2013’s most diverse housemates has been given the chop but it’s didn’t go down as expected.

You see Tully likes to cry but was as calm as a rock upon leaving the house. She was even slightly happy with the fact that she had a modest save vote of 17% behind  34%  Tahan and 49% Katie & Lucy “That’s all fine – I thought it would be a lot harder than it was,”she said of seeing who had nominated her for eviction last week.  “I don’t feel so bad anymore (for nominating the Sisters) – it’s only a game Sonia.”

When discussion turned to how negitive she was  Tully said,”I’m glad it’s been brought to my attention…  I did grow and get better at that…  Half the time I didn’t think I sounded so negative, I didn’t think that my feelings were affecting people so much.  If I’d been in the House longer I would’ve got more and more positive.” “I wanted to be a more composed version of myself… I was always going to be a crier.  I cry at a Kleenex ad…  I cry over everything.  I don’t just cry for myself I cry for everyone else.  It’s really exhausting!”Tully said to Sonia on stage.


During the show Tully was shocked to discover that she was the most talked about Housemate in 2013, trending worldwide a number of times.  When asked about her relationship with Drew, Tully said,”I call him my house husband.  We have this wicked sense of humour and a secret nerdiness but nobody sees that because we talk a lot in bed at night…  He put up with my constant whining, tears and tantrums.  I think the world of him and he’ll make someone very happy one day.

Of her experience in the House Tully says, “It’s changed me in every way.  I’m stronger, more positive and more independent… I gave everything a go.”

tonight two intruders enter the house  and while one will be evicted on Monday another 2 will also  go in next Monday

All housemates will go up for the next eviction which has now been moved to Wednesdays from October 2






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