Truth Bombs Dropped in Neighbours

Truth Bombs Dropped in Neighbours

Neighbours has revealed all the answers in its baby drama plot, but how will the residents of Ramsay Street move forward now?

So the bomb was dropped that David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron’s (Matt Wilson) baby Isla, wasn’t in fact Isla, but baby Abigail, the daughter of Britney (Montana Cox) and Leo (Tim Kano), and that Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) has had the real Isla all this time.

But how did when end up here? Here’s a little recap:

Nicolette met Britney at her last antenatal class while in Erinsborough and they clicked instantly. The next day was when Nicolette found out about Leo and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) spending the night at the winery, and when Paul (Stefan Dennis) gave her a serve about following through with the baby deal, regardless of the betrayal she felt from the Brennan/Tanaka clan.

During a walk, Britney revealed to Nicolette that she had come all the way from New York to meet the father of her baby, Leo, who wasn’t aware that she was pregnant. She had travelled to the winery and after seeing Chloe through a window, assumed the pair had hooked up.

The new friends left for Canberra together with both giving birth within a few days of one another. Nicolette’s medical background allowed her to see the signs to post-natal depression in Britney, which she was helping her through when Paul arrived in Canberra, throwing around an offer of a million dollars.

Jane and Aaron are disgusted to learn that Paul paid Nicolette to hand over Isla and keep away from Erinsborough, although Nicolette reveals that she gave the money to Britney instead of keeping it.

Had Britney not come looking for Isla/Abigail and kidnapped her, then everyone would have continued living totally unaware of Paul’s actions or that Isla wasn’t in fact Isla.

The rest of the episode saw everyone dealing with the consequences of their actions, and Nicolette is determined to figure things out now that the truth has been revealed.

What will this mean for Paul and his relationships with Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), David and Aaron, Leo, and Jane? Will David and Aaron be able to forgive Nicolette and bond with the real Isla? What’s next for Leo, Britney and baby Abigail? The answers may have been revealed, but there are still SO many questions left to be answered!

One thing’s for sure, the drama is just getting started on Ramsay Street and you won’t want to miss a second of what’s to come.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm Monday-Thursday on 10Peach.


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