Tribe Swap sends the Queen of Survivor home

Tribe Swap sends the Queen of Survivor home

The new tribes were met with mixed reviews from our castaways, especially Sam, who was shocked to see her husband Mark opt for the opposing tribe when given the choice to play with her.

Mark had his eye on the prize, but today’s hot dog reward did not land in his belly, instead the newly formed Blue tribe won today’s game of tug-o-war.

While chaotic Chrissy claims not to know how the game works, she still managed to stumble upon yet another hidden immunity clue while devouring her hot dog. She rushed to find the idol with her new tribemate and brother-in-law Croc, which left her feeling certain they were going to win. 

Neither tribe wanted to face Tribal Council tonight, but Blue won yet again, forcing Red to cull their first tribemate. Sandra was worried sick as it was Day 16, which has always proved to be a turning point in her game. 

Jordie had his resume at the forefront of his mind, keen to stick with his previous alliance, but also concerned about ruffling feathers with Nina. 

Nina was told by her alliance to place her vote on Mel, who had been failing the tribe in challenges, but Nina is cut from the same cloth as Queen Sandra, and knew better than to fall for their lies. 

At Tribal Council, Nina confirmed she’s here to leave her own mark on Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, writing Sandra’s name down to make it clear that she’s moving with the majority. 

Nerves got the better of Shay, and she played her immunity idol, despite receiving no votes. The Queen received the most votes, proving she’s a known threat that is not to be messed with, striking out on Day 16, just as she predicted.

Grateful for playing 166 days of Survivor across the world, Sandra went out on a high, wishing her daughter the best of luck and leaving Red tribe with this nugget of wisdom: “Play to win. If it doesn’t benefit you, don’t go along with just any plan.”


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