Tribe Red Leave Amy Out For Dead. 

Tribe Red Leave Amy Out For Dead. 

Another day, another ruthless blindside on Australian Survivor: Blood V Water

Once those buffs were dropped, Amy lost all confidence in her former alliance. Rather than cousins Josh and Jordan creating a strong alliance of three with Amy, they had their sights set on solo agent Nina, leaving Amy for dead in the murky camp waters.

Earlier in the day, the offer of fish and chips got our castaways more revved up than ever at the Reward Challenge, with Red tribe leaving nothing on the table as they knocked the Blue tribe off their perch to secure the quintessential Australian feast.

Slow and steady was the trick to winning today’s Immunity Challenge, and it was a stumble from Jordan that cost Red tribe the win. 

Back at camp, the strong majority scrambled to put the heat on Mel, who they believe is non-committal when it comes to gameplay. Jordan shared this idea with Amy, but Amy wasn’t keen to play along with the Mel vote as she wanted to vote out her former ally, Jordan.

Amy explored her plan to remove Jordan with David, Mel, Mark and Shay, but unfortunately this landed Amy in immediate hot water when Shay revealed Amy’s plan to Josh.

With the news that Amy was plotting a betrayal, Josh and Jordan moved quickly to switch the vote onto Amy.

At Tribal Council, Amy’s feeling that the tribe swap had turned her game on its head was confirmed, as she received six votes that sealed her fate.

Reflecting on her elimination, Amy said: “I have just been completely blindsided, I honestly thought I had Jordan, I don’t know what went wrong. I think my tribe definitely made a mistake voting me tonight, because Jordan and Josh are very strong together.”


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