Tribe Merge Flips The Game On Its Head.

Tribe Merge Flips The Game On Its Head.

Well, Locky said he wanted to see crazy moves in the game and that’s exactly what he got. A front row seat to one of the biggest moves in All Stars – his very own blindside.

At Mokuta’s camp, David knew that merge was imminent and set out a solid plan to keep them strong post merge. The Mokuta seven agreed to pretend David was on the bottom, with Sharn and Lee positioned as swing votes. 

At the reward challenge, Jonathan finally announced it was time to drop their buffs and merge. With the game now reset, it’s time for these Top 12 All Stars to start playing their individual game.

Fighting it out for an advantage in the immunity challenge, each tribe member was tasked with holding a heavy clay pot at arm’s length, with the last one standing winning reward. AK dropped his pot first, then in a strategic move, David dropped his.

While the others continued to battle it out in the challenge, David gave yet another Oscar-worthy performance and proceeded to tell AK and Brooke that he was still Vakama strong, however his true loyalty remained with Moana and the Mokuta alliance. In the end, it was Lee who came out the victor.

Later, it was a real balancing act at the immunity challenge, with players having to balance on a seesaw and move nine blocks from one side and stack them on the other.

Lee’s advantage meant he only had to stack eight blocks. However, he didn’t stand a chance against Shonee who completely nailed the challenge, crediting her great balance to pilates (which was a total lie, but why let that stand in the way of a good story?)

At tribal council, Jonathan grilled the newly merged KaloKalo and when he quizzed Zach, he all but revealed someone in the old Vakama was about to be blindsided.

Locky stated he was there to see big moves played, not to sit on the sideline and watch. Moana retaliated with the fact that sitting on the sidelines was all he had done at the past four tribal councils – burn!

Once the votes were cast, Locky got his wish and witnessed an epic move in the game – his own blindside