Trent farewells MasterChef

Trent farewells MasterChef

Mimi, Trent and Matt faced the longest, toughest and most intricate elimination challenge in their time in the MasterChef Australia kitchen last night.

The pressure test centred on a cake called Mistique, created by renowned pastry chef and dessert specialist Christy Tania. Presented in a smoked glass dome, the perfectly-formed cake had 17 different elements and 65 recipe steps. The contestants had four-and-a-half hours to recreate the dish.

Staying focused throughout the cook, Mimi moved methodically through elements of marshmallow, passionfruit curd and vanilla chocolate cream. With the glazes finished, Mimi struck trouble putting the cake together, unable to get the blue domes out of their moulds.

Matt stumbled on the first element of marshmallow, which put him behind the others. He made other mistakes, with his curd and vanilla chocolate cream. With three hours to go, he managed to catch up and get back on track. His dome mould came off perfectly and he was the only one to get blue spheres onto the dish.

Trent’s strategy was to get through each step as quickly as possible, but with an hour to go, he started encountering problems. His brownie was nowhere near cooked through. By the end of the cook, he knew he was in trouble. He believed his flavours were good, but knew his layers were uneven and his dish lacked balance and finesse.

The judges were impressed by Mimi’s dish. Her tempered chocolate was perfect and her layers, texture and flavours were all there. Although Matt’s dish looked good and had the best brownie, the judges noted his curd was runny.

The judges thought Trent’s dish had too much marshmallow and not enough passionfruit inside, and the uneven layers threw the flavour out of balance. It was clear that Trent’s dish did not match the competition and he farewelled the MasterChef Australia kitchen.

Trent is working at Local Press Café in Canberra. He is also writing an e-cookbook and plans to open his own café next year.