Travel Guides to Air Tuesdays on Nine

Nine will go traveling on Tuesday nights it has been announced.

Travel Guides, six very different groups of ordinary Aussies dive into the role of travel critics, reviewing their holidays in some of the world’s hottest tourist spots.

Each trip on Travel Guides is packed with adventure – from the lap of luxury to bargain-basement thrills. But with each experience opinions differ, leading to brutally honest and often outrageous reviews. After sampling the accommodation, cuisine and local attractions our guides will rate their stay out of five stars.

It all begins in Japan’s crazy, colourful and fun-filled capital – Tokyo.

The  travel guides are:

·        Flight attendants Chrissy, Mon and Cath, three fun-loving friends. They’ve seen the world, but only if you count airports.

·        Travel snobs Kevin and Janetta, a retired jet-setting couple from Victoria. When you’re used to flying up the pointy end, anything else is second best.

·        Bargain hunters and restaurateurs the Fren family from Newcastle. They’ll stop at nothing to bag an upgrade and find the funny side of any holiday disaster.

·        Hippie Queenslanders Matt and Monni, raring to go and spread “good vibes” around the globe.

·        Big spenders the Rifais, a tight-knit family who agree on just one thing – that they disagree.

·        Cowgirls and identical twins Mel and Stack. Look out, world, they’ve never left the country before!

 The series will be hosted by Denise Scott

Travel Guides premieres  Tuesday, February 14, At 9.00pm On Nine