Traitor Taken Out

Traitor Taken Out

The silver prize is starting to grow and so is the heat in Traitors Tower.

One seat was left after everyone arrived at breakfast, with Justine nowhere to be seen – meaning she was the unlucky Faithful to be murdered overnight. The table was filled with uncertainties, with Matt bringing the tension while trying to save himself from the doubters.

It was then on to the day’s challenge, which was worth the weight, with 15 bars of silver up for grabs at a country manor. To win the silver, the contestants were split into three groups, and had 20 minutes to balance three scales with sculptures from around the grounds. After group two struggled, group three ran out of time, so only $20,000 was added to the prize pool, bringing it to a total of $68,000.

At the Banishment Ceremony, two names were on everyone’s minds – Teresa and Angus. Fiona and Mark pleaded their case about the inconsistencies surrounding Angus, especially around the Shield Challenge where he dunked Nigel under the water. When Nigel was asked about the moment, he threw Angus under the bus and sealed his fate. Angus was voted out and revealed as a Traitor, and the Faithfuls were elated. Two of his votes came from fellow Traitors, Marielle and Nigel.

In Traitors Tower, Claire was frustrated at not being across the other two’s plans, as she now feels she is in the crosshairs. Before the Traitors could decide who to strategically murder, a note was slipped under the door. There was to be no murder that night, instead, the Traitors were to select three people to participate in a gamble for silver the next day. 


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